Sunday, February 18, 2007

No good options

For most of my life, since about the age of 6, I have worn glasses. I am slightly farsighted in one eye, and somewhat nearsighted in the other. I have a lazy eye that wants to turn in a bit.

I went without glasses for a couple of years in my late 20's. My nearsighted eye was pretty close to normal, and I could compensate for my farsightedness. Reading and driving was no problem. But after a few years, it became tiring to compensate, so I got new glasses. I wore them every day for 10 years or so.

Last week, I went for a visit to the optometrist, because I had noticed my vision slipping a bit. Very much so when I work up close, which I do when I build electronics and prototypes of instruments. At least a few days a week I would be crossed and headachy after struggling to see something small.

What the doctor found was that with both eyes corrected, the two 'fight' to the point that my glasses actually make things worse. Wearing glasses makes my vision worse, by correcting the problems in each eye.

So he suggested going without, and using the farsighted eye for distance, and the nearsighted eye for close work, with a magnifier for little stuff. This works surprisingly well. I am going to wear one contact, on the nearsighted eye, to help with driving. But for now at least, there's just no point in correcting my sight.


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