Monday, October 02, 2006

Hey, y'all look at this...

One thing that has sort of hung over the success of Apollo !!, the mind-bending historical high-water-mark for human technology, is that Neil Armstrong gaffed his lines when he stepped on the moon for the first time. It is telling that this is what people seized upon. And what it tells isn't pretty.

After all these years, it appears Neil was right when he claimed that he had gotten it right. Sophisticated audio analysis found the 'a' in his famous phrase, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for Mankind."

Since there are loons that think we never actually went to the moon, I am certain some people will not believe this, taking some sort of bizzare pleasure in shitting on one of mankind's (and frankly, Neil Armstrong's) accomplishment. This will continue to reveal the ugly, petty side of human nature.

If it were me, I'd have been hard pressed to not say "Lookit me, I'm on the goddammed moon!" People would still be talking about that, but there would not be any ambiguity.


At Tuesday, October 03, 2006, Blogger R2K said...

Science Dave! To image Spiders, I honestly think you would be fine to take dead ones. I understand that the legs will be all bent out of shape, but the central body should remain.

If you still have problems (or if you want to image any internal organs that are built of fragile cells) you should have your SEM guy use a triple point chamber. Simply put, this chamber allows the sample to dry (after being soaked in something like 100 percent alcohol) without the typical stresses that occur when things dry on earth. At high pressures, the triple point, you can go from solid and liquid to gas without these problems.

This allows you to look at even tiny very soft objects without damage. It basically is a freeze dry process that doesnt damage anything.

For example, my image of Urchin Eggs would never have been possible. A normal dry urchin egg looks like a deflated beach ball.

Best of luck! Do send me images if you ever get them, I would love to host them on my page.

-Alex (R2K)

At Tuesday, October 03, 2006, Blogger R2K said...

I linked you also (just the big sloppy list for now, sorry) since I like science and anyone who talks about it is on the right track.


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