Saturday, August 27, 2005

Not even my Mom reads this

Science, to some extent, is the attempt to stop fooling yourself. I am a pro. My paycheck (such as it is) comes from doing science. Still, I constantly struggle with the tendency to jump to conclusions, or to discount data I don't already agree with. In the many years of training it took to become a scientist, I didn't learn a magical way to turn these instincts off. But I did learn to challenge my assumptions; I learned to require proof of myself. I developed skeptical habits.

My skeptical habits and analytical skills have made my life better. I would like to share what I can of them, and I sorta started this blog to give myself a chance to spread my gospel o' scientificity. And to share the cool shit that science uncovers in abundance. But...

Nobody reads my blog. Now, Dad stops by once in a while. My uncle has peeked in, but he may have lost interest, since I wait a while between posts. I'm not sure how many peeks I've had. But in the great bloggy scheme of things, I'm talking to myself.

So I will post to suit myself. I will devote the blog to science and skepticism, if only to clarify my own thinking. If someone reads it and is pursuaded, if only that I am a moron, well, hunky dory.

Oh, and I changed the blog name. Since no one reads this, I don't envision it being a problem.


At Wednesday, January 25, 2006, Blogger Michael said...

You are not a moron. I just finished reading your response on "Goosing the Antithesis" to "Killing the Antithesis." You handed him his ass, and the best he could do wave his hands and make it all go away. Well done.

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