Monday, March 03, 2008


more confident
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This is Frank, also called Frankie. Short for Francis. I was sort of hoping to name him Brak, but was overruled.

He is our fourth and (oh please, God) our last cat for a while. He is very relaxed. Our tabby wanted to push him around the first few days, but he finally took up for himself, and everything is now fine. Lucy (the tabby) will hiss at him once in a while, but he's a good bit bigger than she is, and now that he has shown that he will defend himself, it's all bluster on her part.

As a scientist, I am drawn to cats because they are very complex and intelligent, but unlike dogs, they haven't been molded to do our will. They do what they do with minimal perturbation caused by any expectations we humans have for them. I admire that.


At Tuesday, March 04, 2008, Blogger Ψ*Ψ said...

KITTY!!!!! Cute little guy, too. Four's quite a few--we're content with three for now. (Only because we couldn't fit any more in the house.) Maybe I'll have to post some cat pictures as well--after all, I'm not doing all that much in the way of real chemistry now.

At Saturday, March 08, 2008, Blogger David Eaton said...

Cat pictures are always fun. Four is a lot. We have just enough space. Frank is awesome, though there is still a little tension between him and Lucy.

Frankly, I'm not exactly doing much chemistry, per se, either. Not that I could post it here if I was. I am doing some cool machine vision and fluorescence imaging, though. Science is as science does. It certainly beats working for a living.


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